weekly update and menu for 25th July

MON 25th – Emma and Nisha on leave . Shamsia here 9.30-5.  Gloria is still away sick and won’t return before we break up. In the meantime we have Tomaso an Italian chef who is very good. Katharine on visit with Upaia in afternoon.

TUES 26th –  Shamsia here 9.30-5. Staff meeting 8.30-9. Katharine and Upaia on a home visit in afternoon. Hikali last day until September.

WED 27th – New children will be visiting this morning. Last dance session this term. Mary and Katharine homevisit in morning.  Katharine and  Joy home visit in afternoon.

THURS 28th – Emma back.  Party for leavers ( second one) at 3.30 onwards.  MC meeting at 7.00 p.m.

FRIDAY – Emma and Syrie are graduating today. CONGRATULATIONS.  Mana’s last day today.

DON’T FORGET TO  CANCEL YOUR STANDING ORDERS TO NURSERY AFTER August’s payment if your child is leaving. Other parents don’t forget to amend your payments form 1st September according to the fees table sent out earlier this term.