The CGN Management Committee (MC)


The 2018- 2019 members of the MC are:

  • Laura Murdoch (Chair)
  • Nat Segnit (Secretary)
  • Ann-Sofi Ronnskog (Treasurer)
  • Tim Woodward
  • Arlett Hoff (Staff representative)
  • Awale Olad
  • Erik Jamieson
  • Shaparak Rahimi
  • Geoffrey Harrison
  • Sybille Raphael

All the voting members are parents of Collingham Gardens Nursery children, and were elected at an AGM on November 2018. All members are directors of the company, responsible for ensuring that the nursery meets all its legal requirements, including those of Ofsted, the Charities Commission and Companies House. Ofsted requires that all MC members are DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked and an Ofsted Inspector meets with any newly elected Chair.

The MC usually meets once a month, with the exception of August and December. It discusses points raised by a report from the Manager, hears reports from the MC Subcommittees if and when relevant, approves the annual budget and any other major ad hoc expenditures, approves new policies and procedures, and discusses major issues arising with regard to staffing. In summary, it deals with any matter outside the daily running of the nursery, or which may affect the nursery’s  medium-to-long term future, including the development of a strategic Three Year Plan.

In practice, membership of the MC implies a willingness to volunteer one’s time, as far as individually possible, with assisting and supporting the Manager and the nursery.

The Subcommittees of the MC, which meet once a term, or as needed, and bring recommendations to the MC, are:

a. Building and maintenance
b. Education and curriculum
c. Website and communications
d. Social inclusion
e. Garden
f. Fundraising

Parents who are unable to commit to full membership of the MC, but who would like to be involved in the running of the nursery, are strongly encouraged to join one or several of these Subcommittees.