Welcome to nursery or even welcome back.  We opened on the 31st August and hope to see everyone back on the 5th and our new children will be settling next week and also the week of the 12th September. Welcome to all of them.

Don’t forget this term to bring in lots of spare clothes, some outdoor and indoor shoes(slippers) and sun cream  and sun hats before we start asking you for gloves and scarves.

Forest School sessions will be on Tuesdays now. Dance should restart in early October.

Gloria, who was very ill last term returns to us next week and is now job sharing with Tracey.

This term we will have our Annual General Meeting, usually in November, when you can stand for election to the management committee, who decide how the nursery is run. Think about how you could contribute to a committee and stand. There are lots of other ways of helping; you can come in for our gardening sessions during the week or at weekends, offer to cur the grass, offer to come in and read or play with the children. You can bring in a skill to share with then, art, science, music construction, etc. We would love to see you, especially perhaps dads.

We have a welcome to your nursery breakfast on Friday 16th September 9.00 until 10.00 YOu are all most welcome. It is a nice way to get to know each other. On Saturday September 25th we are holding a gardening morning ( start 10.00 a.m.)  followed by lunch ( please bring s pot to share) and play time. Again, everyone is most welcome. On Thursday 29th September we will have a social afternoon 3.30-6.30p.m. for everyone to meet.

Sini, an intern from the EU will start here with us in October. Syrie and Upaia are settling in well and making good relationships with the children. Mary is now here just Mondays and Tuesdays.